When Worlds Collide…


There are times in one’s life where seemingly completely separate aspects come together. Professional and personal, work and hobby, and so on. These are the moments where amazing things can happen.

For some, the Bad-Ass Beer Fest at Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Westchase is just an awesome time to drink some of the best beers in Florida, listen to great music, and hang out with a whole lot of cool people. And it is, if you are in to that sort of thing.

For me, this year’s event marks a significant event where my passions come together as the amazing folks at TBBC have chosen the Ocean Media Institute as their charity to donate the proceeds of the fest to. if you only know me from the beer world, you may not know that ocean literacy, conservation, education, and outreach are what I do. My calling, if you will. Last year I joined the board of directors of OMI and have since been working to offer programs and events to raise awareness (and funds) for our initiatives. That has helped me launch the Brews for the Blue initiative (which you will be hearing more about soon) and start to bring my two loves together.

But this weekend is all about Bad-Ass Beer Fest III. Nearly fifty breweries represented, three different bands playing, food trucks, and of course all of the cool people that will be in attendance. All of the proceeds from this festival will be going to the Ocean Media Institute, and in addition there will be a raffle to raise some additional money.

2 winners fish and drink the day away as guests of TBBC head brewer dave Doble and I on the Reef Donkey APA Charter Fishing Boat docked at Old Bay Cafe in Dunedin. Tickets will be available during the festival, including the occasional wandering Viking…
$1 – 1 raffle ticket
$10 – 15 raffle tickets
$20 – 35 raffle tickets

So come join us! Celebrate great beer, the amazing ocean we all depend on, and have an amazing, Bad-Ass time!


P.S. You can check out the quick TV spot Dave and I did on Studio 10 Live yesterday!


~ by Sean Nordquist on April 22, 2016.

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