TBBW Presents – The Ultimate Brewer!

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By now you have heard about the throw-down. You know who’s stepping up. You know you want the beers. But did you also know about what ELSE is going on at Rapp Brewing on March 4th? Do you even know what time to be there? No… because i have not told you yet. But fear not! All shall be revealed…

Along with the competition several breweries are participating and giving out samples of their delicious offerings! JDubs of Sarasota, Lost Coast Brewing of Eureka, California, Anderson Valley from Boonville, California, Weyerbacher from Easton, Pennsylvania, Lagunitas from Petaluma, California, and Smuttynose from Hampton, New Hampshire, just to name a few.

The event begins at 8:00pm, and tickets will be available for purchase online very soon, so keep checking the Event Page.

Also remember that this is the big kick-off event for Tampa Bay Beer Week. It is gonna be a party, for sure. Music by DJ Massiv, food trucks, and did I mention some really great beer?



~ by Sean Nordquist on February 4, 2016.

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  1. […] first official event of Tampa Bay Beer Week will kick off in about 24 hours, and I have been making the rounds, talking […]

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