Dads Who Cook… And Drink Beer…


There was a time where it was unusual for fathers to be present in the kitchen at home. To some, the idea of dad making dinner was as absurd as mom working in the office. Those days are long gone. Cooking – be it professional or at home – knows no gender. I fancy myself a pretty good cook, and I learned a lot from my father, who was (and still is) an excellent cook. I especially enjoy cooking from scratch, or at least not from packages. Putting together ingredients and combining flavors is a melding of science and art that – when done well – is rarely matched in other parts of life.

Regardless of what I am cooking, from the most basic spaghetti and butter to a multi-stage, five course feast, a constant no matter what is (you guessed it) good beer to drink while cooking. This is not the time for the Imperial stouts or double IPAs; you don’t want to dull your senses or wreck your palate! Everyone has their favorites, but I find a good pale ale or lower ABV IPA works well. Cigar City Invasion Pale, Tampa Bay Brewing Company Reef Donkey APA, and Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale are my go-to beers in these instances. Sierra Nevada Pale is also a great around-the-kitchen brew.

Why do I bring this up? Because I recently discovered Dad’s Diner, a new web series that is simply dads like me cooking up simple but tasty recipes for their kids, all while enjoying a beer or two and having fun.

With some easy to follow videos, and a good serving of humor, I am looking forward to what these guys are going to put out over the next few months. Ken, Scott, and Josh are the main dads behind Dad’s Diner, and all now live in Los Angeles (my hometown). This is the excerpt from their page:

Ken is the only LA native of the group. Ken has always felt at home in the kitchen, so much so that he let us film the series in his kitchen. Sushi would rank as his favorite food. Watching the Seahawks would rank as his favorite past time. When he’s not eating or watching the game, he works as a web designer.
Scott is the brains of the outfit. Born in Detroit, once he got a taste of the L.A. lifestyle, he never left. Scott is a writer, director, omnivore and food scientist (you’ll see his sous vide machine soon). There is nothing Scott won’t eat, particularly if it is covered in bacon.
Josh was born in Chicago, and has been an avid eater ever since. He emigrated to SoCal for film school. He enjoys woodworking, fly fishing, and craft beer (time permitting). But the question always on his mind is “what should we eat next?”

I think I may have to track them down next time I am in LA. Maybe I’ll bring some local Florida beers to share! In the meantime, check out their first episode.


~ by Sean Nordquist on January 21, 2015.

3 Responses to “Dads Who Cook… And Drink Beer…”

  1. Sean

    Thanks a million for sharing this. Let me know when you’re in town, we’ll trade beers and recipes. Love that infographic.


  2. come and see them. Bring the beer. and MOVE BACK!!!! (Great post, BTW- nothing but fun!)

  3. Hey there! We’re casting a brand new FOX show for Gordon Ramsay seeking teams of Home cooks! Id love to send you more information if you’re interested in either auditioning or helping us spread the word!

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