It Is Not Just About Beer

Craft Beer Under Attack

It is not just about beer. It is not just about Florida Breweries. It is not even just about Florida. It is about corporate money influencing policy that affects everyone. From the breweries to the distributors to the bars, restaurants and retailers and ultimately the consumers. it is about local jobs, locally owned and operated businesses, tourists, local culture, local economy, and the freedom to decide how you want to run your business, legally and safely.

Today it is the craft beer industry that is under attack. Maybe that is not part of your life. And that is fine. But tomorrow, it could be something you hold dear. I would be willing to bet that there is something that you care about, something that you love, enjoy, and participate in that is in the sights of a wealthy, politically connected corporation. And tomorrow they may make a call and write a check to someone in your legislature that will be harmful to that industry you love, but make them even more money. And now that senator or house representative has a choice. Take the money and be owned by that donor, or listen to the people who put him or her in that seat and do the right thing.

It is not just Florida. It is not just beer. It is not a left vs. right or liberal vs. conservative issue. The epidemic of corruption, cronyism, and influence buying is pervasive in our country, from the local levels all the way up to the three branches of the Federal Government. But if we can stop one, we can then stop another. And then another.

I have said repeatedly that this is a war that will be long fought, but it is one worth fighting. Please stand with the brewers and craft beer lovers of Florida and make your voice heard in Tallahassee. Join the Facebook Event for information on how you can help.



~ by Sean Nordquist on April 23, 2014.

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