Halfway There… The Beers!


So there has been a lot of talk about this event. Halfway There: A Rare Beer Festival is shaping up to be pretty epic. Breweries from all over lining up to supply some rare and one-off brews just for this special gathering. It is hard not to get excited! And now, a little more to whet your appetite. The beers…

While not all have been announced, there are some pretty amazing things on this list I am staring at… I’ll share just a few that stand out for me…

  • Barley Mow Brewing (Largo, FL) – Old Cackler Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Porter (Robust Poster aged in Buffalo Trace Barrel)
  • St. Somewhere/Green Bench collaboration (Tarpon Springs/St. Petersburg, FL) – Blanc Vert (3.5%abv hoppy Farmhouse Ale finished with Brettanomysis Lambicus)
  • Angry Chair Brewing (Tampa, FL) – Flambe Strong Ale
  • Cigar City Brewpub (Tampa, FL) – Pomegranate Belgian strong ale

Sound good so far?

Tickets are still on sale around town and online. Check out the Facebook Page for specifics!

Maybe I will share more tomorrow… 🙂


~ by Sean Nordquist on August 22, 2013.

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