American Craft Beer Week 2013


It is here again, and it is time to celebrate the growing world that is American craft beer. With events across the nation, every craft-beer-loving person should be able to find a place to celebrate this week.  Here in Florida, we have a lot to celebrate.

First off, a huge congratulations to Cigar City Brewing founder and owner, Joey Redner. Last week, he was recognized by the University of South Florida Entrepreneurship Gala as the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year. I don’t think anyone can argue that it was not a well deserved honor, and it just makes it sweeter for us all when it goes to a craft brewery owner. Cigar City has meant so much to brewing in the state of Florida, so it is only fitting that on this first day of American Craft Beer Week we recognize them.

Down in South Florida, newcomer Due South Brewing celebrated their one year anniversary this past weekend. I have only had a chance to sample a couple of their brews, but they are excellent. And while their character judgement my be in question (they hired both the miscreants from United We Drink, Mike and Joel), their beers are above reproach. Congrats and cheers to our friends down south!

Speaking of down south, perennial Florida craft beer darlings Funky Buddha Brewing are gearing up for their big expansion opening on June 1st. The new location not only expands their capacity significantly (and will allow for distribution!), but they will have a tasting room in Oakland Park as well. Anyone who has had the Buddha’s beers knows how amazing they are, so this is great news for all of us.

I also wanted to give a special shout-out (do people still say that?) to my buddy Rob Chalmers. A homebrewer and craft beer lover, he has earned agwar fantastic opportunity to be part of something very cool. If you are not familiar with the theatrical-thrash, heavy-metal band GWAR, think KISS-meets-World of Warcraft… Anyway, Rob is a longtime fan, friend of the band, and has brewed GWAR-themed homebrews in the past. Now he gets to do it for real, teaming up with Cigar City and GWAR’s Dave Brockie to brew Impaled Ale for the annual GWAR-B-Q. Check out the full story on American Craft Beer.

So… what are YOU doing for American Craft Beer Week?!

~ by Sean Nordquist on May 13, 2013.

3 Responses to “American Craft Beer Week 2013”

  1. just lost your credibility… I’m voting for Barris from now on!

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