And so we’re told this is the Golden Age…

Happy New Year, everyone.

As I did last year, I am going to set some personal and professional goals for 2013. Not resolutions, but milestones and actions I want to reach in the new year. I did a fairly good job of it last year, and want to do better in 2013. Some are beer-related, some not, but all are important to me.

More homebrewing, as always. Every year I pledge to brew more of my own beer, but I keep hitting the same amount. I made the switch to all-grain in 2012, and the results were excellent. So this year: more beer!

I will be involved locally in events. I am already on the board for Tampa Bay Beer Week, and am part of the media relations committee. I think I can bring a unique perspective and voice to the table as a “non-affiliated” member. I don’t work for a brewery or distributor; I represent the beer drinkers. 🙂

I want to visit more Florida breweries. So many new ones have opened in 2013!

I will write more articles. I fell off for a while last year, and let myself get distracted. This year I will actually plan out articles ahead of time and schedule the posts, both here and for my other outlets like Creative Loafing.

I will continue my exercise at Orange Theory and try to push past the invisible “wall” I have hit. This will be accompanied by more mindful eating and meal planning. Healthy, but not “settling” for stuff that I don’t enjoy. It’s all about balance. I may even run a few 5Ks this year.

A few carry-overs from last year:

I do want to go to GABF and/or Oregon Beer Festival this year, so that will require planning and saving and sponsorship. That means starting early.

I want to be mindful about supporting local, the current economy, personal accountability, and corporate ethics, because they DO matter.

I want to work on my book projects.

2013 will not be like 2012. It will be a renewal. A chance to leave the past behind, shake off the disappointments and hurts and drive forward to creating the life I want. I will spend time with the right people, listen to those that matter, and ignore those that do not. I will not waste time with those who cannot see the possibilities for the future, even when it looks like a hard road. Those types cannot be trusted when the chips are down.

I wish peace, prosperity, and a new renewal of passion for everyone in the new year. Stay safe, but not TOO safe.


~ by Sean Nordquist on January 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “And so we’re told this is the Golden Age…”

  1. You mention the 2013 Tampa Beer Week in you blog. While on vacation last year we were able to attend the great events and I have been trying to find out if the date and events have been set yet for 2013? We are trying to schedule our vacation again and really would like to attend again. Thanks

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