SciCafe: Science of Beer Recap

What a great time! And what a great turnout! I had a blast with Rob Lorlei and Tom Williams as we discussed the science and history of beer. And we went even further than that! The social aspects of beer, homebrewing, business, health… no topic was off limits. After some good questions from Rob that Tom and I fielded, we talked with the audience. There was a large and diverse crowd filling the plaza, and the excellent folks at the Ale & the Witch kept the attendees’  glasses filled. I was impressed with the questions we got, too. Everything from pairings to glassware to some of the specifics of hops and grains.

But it was also fun and light, with good humor all around. Even better, I just got word that we helped raise over $500 for the Secrets of the Sea Marine Exploration Center and Aquarium and the St. Petersburg Science Festival (which was also awesome). I think it is very likely that we may have inspired a few people to take up homebrewing, too, which would be great! The more the merrier, I always say.

So thanks to Brett at the Witch for playing host, Rob at WMNF for moderating, Tom from St. Pete Brew for partnering up with me, and the folks from the Pier Aquarium for putting on the event! Can’t wait to do it again!


~ by Sean Nordquist on November 1, 2012.

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