4th Annual IPA Fest at Dunedin Brewery

Hurricane season officially begins today, and though we have already seen two named storms, all craft-beer eyes are on the Vortex on the horizon.  Centered on Dunedin in Pinellas County, there is a “perfect storm” brewing: Dunedin Brewery’s 4th Annual IPA Festival. Billed as a “night of hoppy beer, spicy food, and funky jams”, this will be a special treat for hop-heads and lovers of the humulus lupulus.

I am an unapologetic IPA fan and a certified hop-head, and so the tap list for this event is a dream come true.  So many great IPAs, so many great variations, it will be tough to pick a favorite.  But the beers I am most excited about stem from the collaboration Dunedin has done with Fort George Brewery in Astoria, Oregon. (Stay tuned for a more detailed account of that joint effort in the next few days!) Not only will they be pouring Vortex IPA from Ft. George, but Hops in the Vortex (a Calypso dry-hopped version), and the Dunedin side of the collaboration beer: Vortex on the Bay.  I can’t even begin to explain how thrilled I am to try this beer.

But that’s not all…

A whole slew of special-run beers are going to be available, in addition to some old stand-bys. Here are some I am especially looking forward to:

  • Dunedin Brewery IPA Chronicle 5: American Classic
  • Dunedin Brewery The Rock Double IPA
  • Stone Brewing Double Dry-Hopped Sublimely Self-Righteous
  • Terrapin Brewing Side-Project 16: Phlux Capacitor
  • Cigar City Brewing Maiden Voyage IPA
  • Seventh Sun Oak Aged Spring Overhead IPA

Just to name a few…

And, not to be left out, there will be beers poured by numerous homebrew clubs from around the Bay Area.  The IPA Throwdown will feature homebrewed American IPAs, Double IPAs, English IPAs, Black IPAs, & Experimental IPAs from a host of locals, with judging by the Dunedin Brewery crew, and the winner getting to brew at Dunedin!

In addition to the impressive beers, Dunedin always provides top-notch entertainment, and this year it will be Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, a highly-touted prog-rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  And finally, there will be food, plenty of “light munchies” throughout the night, as well as some great options available for purchase should one start to feel a bit peckish.

As always, your ticket gets you into the festival, and a commemorative glass for the occasion. Tickets are $35, and are going fast.  Do not expect to be able to buy yours at the door.  Doors open at 7:00pm, and the event officially runs until 11:00pm.

~ by Sean Nordquist on June 1, 2012.

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  1. […] Vortex. The Floridian version, dubbed Vortex on the Bay, was released in Florida at Dunedin’s 4th Annual IPA Festival on June 2, 2012. Additionally, the original Vortex IPA from Fort George Brewery was on hand to […]

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