New Tampa Bay Brewery to Open – Three Palms Brewing

Right on the heels of the Brewers Association announcement that the number of breweries in the United States has no passed the 2000 mark, another brewery will emerge in Tampa Bay.  Started by homebrewer-turned-pro Randy Reaver, Three Palms Brewing held a “Empty the Homebrew” tasting last night in their space in Brandon.  It was the official “last day” of brewing as a hobby before Reaver starts doing it for a living.  He already has a distributor lined up, and has brought in the local “brewers welding legend” Jay Lesher to get his brewing area completed.

Reaver started brewing a little over three years ago, but after a trip to Colorado and visiting the numerous breweries there, he knew it was what he wanted to do.  So in a small commercial space he is building the brewery and a tasting room, and is hoping to open within the next couple months.

Last night I got to sample four of his beers:

  • Bleke Zon – A Belgian White that was refreshing, light, and very flavorful.  The 7% ABV is well hidden, but I could see drinking this one on our hot Florida summer days.
  • Chinook 2-Row SMaSH – A tasty and simple single-malt single hop experiment that is very grapefruit-forward, crisp, light, and delicious.
  • ONiX Black IPA – This one is roasty with a good malt-coffee-chocolate backbone.  ONiX was the only one being poured from bottles, and Randy mentioned that the batch was probably about 5 months old, so the hop character had diminished somewhat. Still a good beer, but I look forward to trying a fresh – and on tap – batch.
  • Ruby Pogo Red Ale – My favorite of the four.  A hoppy, delicious red ale that I would order time and time again.  Good balance with the malts, good carbonation, and smooth mouthfeel.

I am very excited to have yet another Florida – and Tampa Bay – brewery entering the fold.  Three Palms will be a great new addition to the epicenter of craft beer in the Sunshine State.

They are not open yet, but mark it on your map:

Three Palms Brewing
1509 Hobbs St.
Tampa, FL 33619

~ by Sean Nordquist on May 25, 2012.

5 Responses to “New Tampa Bay Brewery to Open – Three Palms Brewing”

  1. Very cool bro, good luck I’ll try to get with you this summer.

  2. […] This past weekend I was hanging out with Randy, aka the brewer and owner of Three Palms Brewing, the newest brewery to come to the Tampa area.  I was helping him out with a little painting in hopes of getting his brewery up and running soon so that all of Tampa can taste his beer.  I met Randy via Twitter when he had a blowout homebrew event at the brewery.  Beer for the Daddy wrote about the event on his blog. […]

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  4. […] offering beer-ophiles a golden opportunity: You get to brew a 5-gallon batch of your choosing, and Three Palms Brewing will bottle it in 22-oz. bottles. The winning bidder is welcome to provide a recipe, suggest a […]

  5. you have try this beer it is great!

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