I am very happy to see that people take this matter seriously.  I have had no end of positive replies to my earlier post about the Amendment 1 vote in North Carolina.  I want to clarify that I was by no means suggesting that businesses should pull out of or not open up in the state.  I simply wanted to impress upon everyone that the way a state treats is citizens – and by extension the workforce – should be a factor in deciding to engage in business there.  Clearly there are LOTS of good people in North Carolina who are outraged by this recent event, and rightly so.

As for the mention of breweries, I just saw this post from New Belgium on their Facebook page and thought I would share:

“Thanks for everyone’s thoughts on the recent vote on Amendment 1 regarding gay marriage in North Carolina. While that vote in no way reflects the values and ethos of New Belgium Brewing, (we happily extend benefits to same-sex partners), we are not reconsidering building a second facility in Asheville. It has been our experience that the best way to effect change is to work within a system rather than to turn away from it.”

This, to me, is the right attitude and approach to a situation like this.  Kudos to the leadership of New Belgium for stating very clearly what their position is, and that they are willing to work for change.


~ by Sean Nordquist on May 9, 2012.

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