Missing You, Sweet Girl…

Forgive me a non-beer-related emotional post.  Things will return to normal soon.

One year ago today, I had to make the most difficult decision of my life and have my German Shepherd, Luna, put to sleep.  She was a few weeks shy of thirteen years, and I had raised her from a puppy.  She was fun and silly and loving.  She loved to run (often straight out the front door) and dig holes in the yard for no apparent reason.  She created a no-fly-zone over out back yard, taking down butterflies and bluejays with reckless abandon.  She was the bane of possums and golden tagu.  Inside the house, she was the princess.  She would perch atop the couch back with paws crossed surveying the front yard through the window,  or she would find clean laundry that had not been put away yet and sprawl over it and sleep.

She knew her place in the pack, for sure.  She understood her role as protector of the house, the kids, and playful companion.  She was never aggressive towards anyone unless she thought they were threatening the family.  She was fiercely loyal, loved to try to steal food, and was a bed-space-stealer.  And we all loved her very much.

As she got older and slowed down a bit, she settled into sleeping more, lounging more, and nestling down into soft places for long naps.  Her health began to fade, and after a while even getting up and down became difficult for her.  Early in the morning of April 3, 2011, she was doing very badly, and I knew the time had come.  I took her for the last time to the vet and sat by her and held her paw and stroked her face as she passed from this world.

It has been a year, but not a day has passed where I don’t think about her.  I miss the sound of her paws on the hardwood floor, her bark when someone comes to the door, her huff-huff sound when she wanted your attention.  I miss the feel of her soft head, her warm furry chest, her kisses that also served to clean my face.  There is a poem about the “Rainbow Bridge” where our pets await us in a frolicking meadow, free of illness and injury until we join them on our way to heaven.  It’s a bit sappy for me, but I like the general idea, so I imagine the Rainbow Bridge of Bifröst on the way to Asgard, and when my time comes, we’ll enter the halls together as Man and Dog.

Play well, my sweet girl.  Until we meet again.

~ by Sean Nordquist on April 3, 2012.

3 Responses to “Missing You, Sweet Girl…”

  1. Lovely tribute, Sean. You were lucky to have known her and she you.

  2. In order to be a credible writer about anything, methinks one needs two things (in addition to a way with words), and they are:
    the experience of having loved deeply and well, and
    the ability to pay attention/notice/remember.

    this post shows you know these things. and it helps all of us to listen to our lives- to notice those we love (and trip over?). Thanks, Sean. May the gift of her companionship continue to bless, may your heart continue to heal.

  3. Beautiful, Sean. She shares many of the same qualities of my little beagle. I’ll appreciate each moment I share with her. Thank you.

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