Tampa Bay Beer Week – In the Press

So today, two days before Tampa Bay Beer Week, the new issue of Creative Loafing came out with the cover story being about our very first Beer Week here in Tampa.  I had the honor of writing said story, as well as some accompanying articles.  You can find them all here:

It was a lot of fun – and a lot of long hours – to write the articles, work on them, and get them done, but I am very pleased with how it all came out.  In addition, i was invited by our local CBS affiliate station – Channel 10 – to come on the air and talk about beer and Tampa Bay Beer Week during their Studio 10 show with Jerome Ritchey and Holley Sinn.  I brought some beers over for display and conversation (can’t drink on the air apparently), and they were very welcoming and fun to talk to.  You can watch the segment here:

So, thanks to Jerome and Holley!

Tomorrow I will wrap up My Favorites, and then… BEER WEEK!!!


~ by Sean Nordquist on March 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Tampa Bay Beer Week – In the Press”

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  2. […] Tampa Bay Beer Week was created in 2012, the idea was to raise awareness of beer culture in Tampa Bay. Not a specific brewery or beer, not […]

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