My Favorite Places – The Pour House

Four days left until Tampa Bay Beer Week.  I don’t know about you, but I am getting thirsty…

Tucked back amid condos and retail space and hidden from the main roads of the Grand Central area is one of the newer craft beer gems of the Tampa area.  The Pour House is a beer and wine bar with a great atmosphere, impressive selection, and helpful, friendly staff.  Opened in 2010, they boast forty taps of craft beer, over seventy craft beer bottles, wines by the glass, and six packs of beer and bottles of wine for take away.

One of the great things about the Pour House is their events.  From food truck rallies to “drink local” nights, they are ways to bring in people with new and engaging ideas.  Owners Scott and Heidi Nietzel (the wine lovers) and James and Susan Vrabel (the beer lovers) have done a great job bringing a good balance and energy to the place.


The Pour House is kicking off Tampa Bay Beer Week a day early with a “Drink Local” night, where all forty taps will be from local breweries, as well as a cask of Dunedin Brewery‘s HopNOM.  As the week goes on more events will follow.  Check their list at their website or on the Tampa Bay Beer Week events page. (Rumor has it, there might be a certain hop slamming beverage involved at some point!)



~ by Sean Nordquist on February 29, 2012.

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