The Tampa Bay Beer Map is Here!

When recently talking with some people from outside of Florida, I realized I was going on and on, listing all of the places that brewed or served craft beer, as well as the growth of home brewing. I started making a list. Seeing it all there on paper made me realize how far we have come in a very short amount of time. Breweries and craft beer bars popping up, restaurants recognizing the value of adding craft beer to their menus. Tampa Bay’s beer culture is thriving and growing at an impressive pace. When people come to visit, we are all often asked “where should I go?” Other destination like Portland, Asheville, and San Diego have entire sites dedicated to craft beer tourism. I figured a simple map would be a good start.

I realize there is a nationwide mapping site that does this to a point, but it didn’t have everything, and it was not focused on Tampa Bay.

Using Google Maps also allows me to link to articles I may have written about local places, drop in suggestions, tips, etc.  This will be an ongoing, ever-growing project, and is certainly not an exhaustive list.  Feel free to send me info or updates of anything I might have missed or gotten wrong.

I will add a permanent link to my side menu, but here is the map in all its beta-level glory.

~ by Sean Nordquist on January 9, 2012.

7 Responses to “The Tampa Bay Beer Map is Here!”

  1. Great job, Sean,

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to link to this from the sidebar of Beer in Florida.

  2. Nice work Sean!

  3. I love this map! How can we get Seventh Sun added?

  4. I love the mop, You missed Palm Harbor House of Beer and Brewgarden

  5. Mellow Mushroom, Citrus Park, Tampa, consistently has a solid craft beer selection. Also O’Shy’s in Largo. And WoB even though it’s corporate-y.

  6. Also left off is Rosie’s, 7venth Sun, Mr Dunderbacks, and The Refinery

  7. in St. Pete dont forget Jonny Reno’s on the Pier with a large selection of craft beers and the Old N.E Tavern. Sheps and the 4th St. Rally are a must on the list. Also Central Organics has entered the craft beer scene with a new draft box.

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