Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?

There are some goals to look forward to this year… as always.

The trick is to find the sweet spot of challenging and meaningful, but also realistic and attainable, and not shorting yourself on any of them. Historically, I rattle off the same list of craft beer-related “resolutions” each year, and hit about a 50% success rate, but many of them are nebulous.

My goals this year are a little simpler: to continue doing the things I love, to say “Yes” to possibilities and opportunities, and to spend more time cultivating relationships with people, not just on the computer.

I’ll continue homebrewing, this year making the move to all-grain. I want to try to hit 8 batches this year at least.

I will refocus my efforts on eating heathfully, but not “dieting”.  Exercising but not “working out”.

I will continue to enjoy working on this blog as well as print articles for Creative Loafing.

I will revive Portete.

I will choose writing over watching TV.

I will make a point to be an ambassador for Florida craft beer here and abroad. If there are beer folks in town, I want to meet them and have a beer with them.

I do want to go to BBC2012 and/or GABF this year, as well as be present at as many local events as possible.

I will take my next graduate class towards my Sustainability degree.

I want to be mindful about supporting local, the current economy, personal accountability, and corporate ethics, because they DO matter.

I want to say yes to what I want, and no to what I don’t.

I want to try to follow that List of 30.

I want to remember that being “just fine”… isn’t.

Mary Oliver once wisely said: “Just what is it you plan to do with you one wild and precious life?”

I’m ready for 2012.

~ by Sean Nordquist on January 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?”

  1. Great list, Sean. Good luck to you on accomplishing everything on it. Especially the “I want to say yes to what I want, and no to what I don’t.” That, my friend, can be more difficult than it sounds. And great quote to end your list–Mary Oliver is a goddess, you know. Cheers!

  2. […] year, I switched from making “resolutions” to a more organic list of personal goals that seemed – at the time – to be where I wanted to go with my life. So before I look […]

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