2011 Resolutions – Let’s See How We Did!

Last year, I made a list of ten resolutions for 2011 that I hoped to accomplish.  Not so much rules as actual guidelines, but still, something to measure against.  So… let’s review… 

  1.  Attend GABF for the first time – Whelp… that didn’t happen for a lot of reasons.  Timing, cost, lack of planning, conflict with other family events, etc.
  2. Visit more breweries – I did a bit of this, but should have done more.  My visit to Intuition Brewing in Jacksonville was excellent.
  3. Attend more local events – I was way down on this one.  A new job, lots of family travelling conflicts, and so on cut way into my event attending.  However, I did get to go to the Brewers Ball, which was amazing.
  4. More homebrewing. – This remained flat, unfortunately.  4 batches this year, again.  On the upside, they all turned out really well.
  5. Meet more beer people – This is always an easy one, but i think I met more this year that I really connected with and have a future with.  Between Twitter, Facebook, and face-to-face, I think the people I met in 2011 will be of significant importance.
  6. Be more consistent with my writing – I had to make some decisions about where my commitments were this year, so the middle of the year really fell off writing-wise.  On the upside, I had more articles in print this year.
  7. Expand my tasting range – I did branch out a bit, and discovered some new things I liked, and reaffirmed others that I did not.
  8. X Project 1 – put on hold.  maybe this year.
  9. X Project 2 – also on hold, waiting to hear more in 2012
  10. Continue to be a vocal advocate and evangelist – I think I did a fairly good job here, but took a step back to re-evaluate my role in the Tampa Bay and Florida craft beer scene.

2012 is going to be a year of changes, challenges, and opportunities for a lot of people, especially in the craft beer world.  I am working on my goals and “resolutions” today and plan on posting them tomorrow.

On a different – but no less important – note, please be safe this New Year’s Eve.  There is absolutely no reason to drive after drinking, or to get into the car with anyone who does.  Between cabs, designated drivers, and services like AAA’s Tipsy Tow, everyone should be able to get home safely without putting themselves or anyone else at risk.  You may not be able to control what other people do, but you can absolutely control the decisions that YOU make.  Make the right one.

Cheers and happy New Year, everyone.


~ by Sean Nordquist on December 31, 2011.

One Response to “2011 Resolutions – Let’s See How We Did!”

  1. I started homebrewing last year. I’m in the process of redesinging my “brewery.” Should have it done in a few days. Can’t wait to read your stuff.

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