Wassail, Wassail, all over the town…

Our toast it is white and our Ale it is brown…

Just like I like it.

Lots going on in the world, and even in the beer world.  I am very excited and happy for my friends Justin and Devon who this past week opened the doors on Florida’s newest craft brewery: 7eventh Sun Brewing in Dunedin.  I have tasted Justin’s beers in the past and he is a true artist.  I look forward to getting up there to have more.  Congrats, kids!

Today was Repeal Day, a celebration of the repeal of the 18th Amendment (by passing of the 21st Amendment) 78 years ago.  It is a very interesting story how American found itself outlawing alcohol, and one that many seem to have forgotten.  Take a look sometime at the people behind it.  The tactics they used.  The language and fear-mongering and xenophobia and outright racism.  Then take a look at today’s Tea Party.  The parallels are not difficult to spot.

In less serious – but no less real – news, 80’s pop stars and teen (pre-teen?) idols Hanson are grown up now, relatively speaking.  You probably remember their biggest hit, MMM-Bop.  If you don’t, you will after seeing/hearing this:

MMMBop – Hanson

Now the boys are grown up.  And they are making… beer.  Thats right.  And you know what it is called?  MMMHop.

I am not making this up.

Christmas continues to approach, and the spirit is moving.  I am playing holiday music as often adn as loudly as I can get away with.  Decorations are going up, lights are on the house, and there are rumors of glögg being contructed.  There have been Tomten sightings, taking care of those that need taking care of.  Dala horses are standing stoicly by,  and it is the time when we should all take care to be a little extra kind towards one another.


~ by Sean Nordquist on December 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Wassail, Wassail, all over the town…”

  1. Actually, not to get into a political debate, the 18th amendment was a progressive movement. Although I agree with your view of the current ‘teabagger’ conservative republican.. originally they were libertarians, who would never have agreed with such an amendment. Just my two cents 😉

    Happy Holidays and Cheers!!

    • Well Jen, there is some debate about that for sure. Not sure how one could consider taking away the rights of all citizens to enjoy an adult beverage at their leisure in any way progressive, though.

      • I absolutely agree, and in no way was I criticizing your political beliefs. I share some of them. Rather, I was trying to point out the evolution of political parties. Volstead, who was regarded as a proponent of civil liberties, did have a great deal of support from the progressives of the time. And Teddy Roosevelt, who is ‘historically’ attributed with the birthing of the progressive party, was hopeful that the progressive movement would be the future of the republican party. Sorry, political science is a hobby of mine, lol. Really, all I was trying to say, is that we should be wary of any group of people who try and decide whats best for the individual is the restriction of their personal freedoms, regardless of their party affliation. Having said that, I enjoyed your article. And, in regards to the ‘ christmas list’, I think I’ll ask Santa for a bike 😉

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