>Dust in the Wind, Dude…

>Some random thoughts for this week…

I am preparing (more or less) to run my first race since I ran cross country in high school.  A 5k, to be exact.  Oh, I have run since high school, but it was either while training for whatever sport I was playing, or running to or away from something.  Chronic knee issues, conditioning (or lack thereof) and the fact that I am sprinting towards 40 have all be things to deal with in the return to “fitness”.  My eldest son, approaching 11, has two 5k races under his belt since December, and has found a genuine interest in running.  He’s built like a runner, tall and lanky, all legs.  Sports are not generally his forte, but he like running and seems to be good at it so far.  He is not one for trash-talking, either.  Not in video games, board games, anything.  When I told him I was going to run the 5k with him this coming weekend, he said “Okay.  You’ll have to see the eye doctor.”
“Eye doctor?”  I wear glasses, but was a bit confused.  “What do you mean?”
“So he can get my dust out of your eyes after the race…”
Damn kids these days… no respect…

I am really hoping to get my hands on some Sierra Nevada Hoptimum.  I have not seen it anywhere yet, but I am sure its around.  I will find some…

I have one thing to say about the upcoming Packers-Steelers Superbowl: meh.

Lee Norman Williams – aka Hoptopia – posted an interesting question the other day.  “Is ranting about certain elements of the craft beer community and craft beer industry going to be a major trend in 2011?”  This prompted a good discussion amond some of us craft beer lovers.  I liked what Erik Boles from BeerTapTV had to say: “Remember, it’s not what beer IS, it’s what beer DOES that matters. Beer isn’t what you do, beer is what you do while you’re doing what you do.”  I think it is a great philosophy, and elitists be damned.

~ by Sean Nordquist on January 24, 2011.

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