>My 2010 Brew Years Resolutions – A Look Back

>A year ago, I made my resolutions for 2010 as they related to my life and work in the craft beer world.  Some evolved and changed as time went on, and some I dropped all together when I realized they were not where I wanted to go with my life.  So before I make my new list, Lets review how 2010 turned out:

1. Attend GABF in Denver for the first time. – Didn’t happen.  Mostly due to lack of planning on my part, and then conflicting schedules.  Looking to try to make it happen this year.

2. Visit more breweries. – I would say I did okay on this one.  Any time I travelled, I tried to make a point to visit any local breweries I could.  Not as many as I would have liked, but I did make a good effort.

3. Start rating beers. – I stopped doing this almost as quickly as I started.  I enjoy reviewing beers, talking about the flavors and what I like, etc… but the whole rating thing just didn’t feel right for me.

4. More homebrewing. – Failure.  I brewed a total of 4 batches this year, about a third of what I had hoped for.  They all came out great, but too infrequent.

5. More writing. – Pretty good.  While my articles for Examiner and Hop Press slipped, I did pick up the Creative Loafing gig, but I need to be more consistant all the way around.

6. More drinking. And by this I do not me quantity, but variety. – Definitely did this, and got to sample and explore a LOT of new beers.

7. More reading. – I read everything I could get my hands on, and continue to do so.

8. Certification and study, part 1. Cicerone program. – Just never got around to it, really.

9. Certification and study, part 2. Beer Judge Certification Program. – Somewhat limited by access and availability, not to mention time.

10. Continue to be a vocal craft beer advocate. – A+.  I took a much more active role this past year not only in trying to educate people about craft beer, but standing up for it as well.

So all in all, I give myself a passing grade, but with a lot of room for improvement.  Coming soon, the 2011 resolutions!

– Beer for the Daddy

~ by Sean Nordquist on December 30, 2010.

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