>…And Beer for the Daddy?

>The phrase “Beer for the Daddy” might seem like an odd one to some; to others it’s a no-brainer. But the origin – at least in this case – comes from flightless birds, parental responsibility, and the mouths of babes.

In 2005, a documentary film called March of the Penguins was released to critical acclaim, becoming the second-highest grossing documentary film of all time (the first being Fahrenheit 9/11). It is the story of the emperor penguins of Antarctica, and the difficult conditions they live and survive under. Beautifully filmed and wonderfully narrated by Morgan Freeman (in the American version), viewers are treated to a stunning and moving experience unlike any other.

And as far as this blog goes, none of that matters.

You see, we (my wife and sons and I) rented March of the Penguins later that year and watched it together. We loved it. The story was engaging, the images were brilliant. We got to the part where the male penguins were huddled together protecting the eggs. The females are off on their epic journey to feed and then travel back to regurgitate for their newborn young that the father’s are now caring for. The narrator says something along the lines of “and the mothers arrive back with the fish for their babies.” Without missing a beat, my youngest son – age 3 at the time – said very matter-of-factly “…and beer for the daddy?”

~ by Sean Nordquist on August 25, 2009.

One Response to “>…And Beer for the Daddy?”

  1. >That almost makes me want a kid. Provided it's a boy and he stays 3-9 forever.

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